What is a remote servicing?

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What is a remote servicing?

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A remote servicing is a procedure during which the Meyton Support connects to your shooting range via internet. Meyton Support can perform maintenance and troubleshooting on your shooting range. A remote servicing is primarily for technical problems.

Only the Meyton Support can perform a remote servicing. Only the Meyton Support can connect to your shooting range. You have to get active to allow the remote servicing and the connection.

Meyton Support is scheduling remote servicing depending on the order of arrival of the requests. Anticipate a duration of at least 1 hour for the remote servicing.

Check your shooting range in time for important events. Avoid spontaneous remote servicings.


Requirements for a remote servicing are
  • Meyton ShootMasterII Software is installed correctly
  • a connection to the internet
  • a connection via a phone
  • a person is on site at the shooting range
Types of remote servicings

There are 2 types of remote servicings

  • during a remote servicing with a graphical connection the Meyton Support can move your mouse pointer and control the user interface of the workstation
  • during a remote servicing with terminal Meyton Support is working in the background
The Meyton Support decides which type of remote servicing is required.

  1. Make sure the requirements for a remote servicing are met.
  2. Schedule a fixed appointment with Meyton Support. Schedule the appointment in time.
  3. Wait until the appointment is confirmed.
  4. Be on site at the scheduled appointment.
  5. Switch on the entire shooting range.
  6. Establish a connection to the internet.
  7. Call the Meyton Support. The Meyton Support gives you a port number.
  8. Start the program Remote Servicing.
  9. Enter the port number.
  10. Click on the button Connect.
  11. Follow the instruction from Meyton Support.
Contact Meyton

Before contacting Meyton:

  • Verify all points in the troubleshooting manuals!
  • Note the serial number of the affected EST. You find the serial number on the EST. This serial number is on a small adhesive label near the socket of the EST.
  • Note the versions of the software on the Meyton devices. Use the manual„Welche Version habe ich“ from the Meyton Homepage.
  • Note the brand, model designation and version of all affected third party devices (printer, computer, beamer, monitor, network devices, etc.).
  • Note the precise error descriptions! What happens? Under which conditions does it happen? When does it happen?
  • Prepare your customer ID! You find your customer ID on all bills and offers from Meyton.

Contact Meyton

Use one of the following ways to contact Meyton: