Troubleshooting: Installation of ShootMasterII fails

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Troubleshooting: Installation of ShootMasterII fails

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  • You cannot install Shootmaster II
  • The installation fails with a message containing CRC
  • The installation fails with a message containing MD5
  • The installation fails with a message containing nohup.out
  • After rebooting the error message appears KDEinit could not launch „/usr/local/bin/smcc“


Verify the following points:

Test your shooting range extensively after each point.

Re-establish the changes for each point before testing the next point. Repeat the changes of the preceding point.

Maintain a list of the changes. You can reset your shooting range after the troubleshooting.

Are you working as user root?

Background: The user root has the most extensive access rights. User with fewer access rights cannot perform all actions.

NO: You are not working as user root

Log in as user root. Perform all actions as user root.

YES: You are working as user root

Continue troubleshooting.

Is the installation file damaged?

YES: The error message contains CRC or MC5. The installation is file damaged.

Download the installation file again. Restart the installation with the new installation file.

NO: The installation fails with the new installation file, too.

Continue troubleshooting.

Is the architecture of Linux right?

Background: CPUs have either a 32bit architecture or a 64bit architecture. The operating system has to be installed for the right architecture. The Shootmaster Software has a 32bit architecture. On a Linux with 64bit architecture you have to install 32bit runtime components to run the Shootmaster Software.

NO: The Linux has a 64bit architecture and the 32-bit runtime components are not installed

Install the 32bit runtime components. Use the documentation of the manufacturer.

YES: Linux has a 32bit architecture or the 32-bit runtime components are installed

Continue troubleshooting.

Are security features active?

Background: Security features are e.g. firewalls and anti-virus software. The security features can impair functions of software. Security features can deny programs access to essential ressources.

YES: Security features are active

Verify the security features. Add exceptions to firewalls. Use the documentation of the manufacturer.

NO: Security features are not active or configured correctly

Continue troubleshooting.

Contact Meyton

Before contacting Meyton:

  • Verify all the points in this troubleshooting!
  • Note the serial number of the affected EST. You find the serial number on the EST. The serial number is on a small adhesive label near the socket of the EST.
  • Note the versions of the software on the Meyton devices. Use the manual „Welche Version habe ich“ from the Meyton homepage.
  • Note a precise error description! What happens? Under which conditions does it happen? When does it happen?
  • Prepare your customer ID! You find your customer ID on all bills and offers from Meyton.
Contact Meyton

Use one of the following ways to contact Meyton: