How to send a device for repair?

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How to send a device for repair?

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Meyton offers you a long warranty period, a service matching the life-cycle of our particularly long-lasting products and a prompt repair service. Should you have to send a device for repair, please consider the following information.

Preparing the sending

On a general note, please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have questions regarding repairs - we are glad to be at your service!

Prepare a covering letter and state explicitly that the device is sent for repair. Always enclose the following information

  • Your customer ID
  • Your contact details, in case we need to contact you for additional information
Always include a detailed description of the error. Our technicians can look for the error more easily. Answer the following questions

  • How exactly can the error be described?
  • When does the error appear?
  • How can the error be reproduced?
  • Which measures did you already take for troubleshooting?
Always include all directly attached electric devices (cables, power supplies, adaptors and - if affected - also target changers and wittness strip devices).

If you wish delivery to a specific address, enclose the information.

If you wish an estimate of costs, enclose the information.

WIf you wish that Meyton considers executing the repairs under warranty, enclose the information.

If you wish delivery to a specific address, enclose the information.

If you are sending a device (parcel, shipping company) use an appropriate and protecting packaging. Pay attention to ruggedness and to protection against humidity.


Send the device, together with the covering letter, to the Meyton Headquaters. You find the address on our homepage.

Please note: Meyton representatives do not accept repairs on competitions, fairs or events.

You only possibilty to bring repairs to us is seding them. If you have quetsions regarding sending repairs (e.g. sending from outside Germany, parcel sizes, contracting a transport company) do not hesitate to contact us, before sending repairs.

For Meyton customers outside of Germany/outside of the European Union

Obeserve and adhere to all applicable regulations and procedures regarding

  • imports
  • declarations
  • customs clearances
of goods

If you import a device without declaraing it at customs, then

  • you may be acting contrary to regulations or you may become legally punishable
  • Meyton may become unable to send the device back to you
  • you may incur additional costs (e.g. additional clearances, monetary fines)
Consult with your local customs authorities, before sending devices to Meyton.

Contact Meyton

Before contacting Meyton:

  • Verify all points in the troubleshooting manuals!
  • Note the serial number of the affected EST. You find the serial number on the EST. This serial number is on a small adhesive label near the socket of the EST.
  • Note the versions of the software on the Meyton devices. Use the manual„Welche Version habe ich“ from the Meyton Homepage.
  • Note the brand, model designation and version of all affected third party devices (printer, computer, beamer, monitor, network devices, etc.).
  • Note the precise error descriptions! What happens? Under which conditions does it happen? When does it happen?
  • Prepare your customer ID! You find your customer ID on all bills and offers from Meyton.
Contact Meyton

Use one of the following ways to contact Meyton: