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How to continue a competition after a power blackout?

Verfasst: Do 2. Jun 2016, 13:56
von [MEYTON] Forum
During normal operations all lanes are sending data via the network to the workstation. All events – e.g. hits, changes of position, footnotes and settings – that are registered by the lanes are also in the database of the workstation. This is the case until power breaks down.

If power breaks down the devices do no longer work.

Disconnect, if possible, all Control-PCs, Electronic Scoring Targets, Display Controllers and workstations from their respective power supply. There might be power spikes during the restauration of power that could damage the devices.
Restore Power. Connect the devices to the power supply. Leave the devices switched off.
You can now continue the competition.

There are two possibilities:

1) If the workstation is a laptop that ran on battery during the power blackout, simply switch the lanes on again. The workstation recognizes the lanes and sends all the data from the database to the lanes.
2) If the workstation went out during the power blackout, too, switch it on again, log in and wait for 1 minute. Switch on the lanes. Allocate the lanes. Use the Competition Control and set the tick at Load target data from the ranking list. Now all data that has been collected until the power broke down is transferred to the lanes. The workstation sends all the data from the database to the lanes.[/list]

Continue the competition. Refer to the regulations in effect.