Prefixes in the Forums


Prefixes in the Forums

Beitrag von [MEYTON] FAL » Fr 12. Mai 2017, 09:58

Dear Community,

as of today we have prefixes in the forums. Prefixes are small tags that are attached to a topic. These tags add information to the topic so that you can see the state of the topic and you can filter for s specific state.


There are 3 prefixes. These are
  • [in progress] for problems that are under discussion and waiting for a solution
  • [solved] for problems that have been solved
  • [purchase advice] for discussions that provide information for Meyton customers-to-be
Attaching prefixes

While creating a new topic, there is a drop-down field just besides the topic's subject. Click on the arrow to expand the list of available prefixes. Attach the prefix with drag&drop to the topic.

Removing and changing prefixes

Modify the first post in a topic and drag the attached prefixes back into the field.

Sorting topics by prefix

In a forum, just click on the prefix that you are interested in. The forum then shows only the topics with this prefix.

Use the possibilities of prefixes and keep them up-to-date - so that everyone can keep up with the ever growing amount of information in the forums!

Best regards

Meyton Support