Date and language of esta pro

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Date and language of esta pro

Beitrag von tvdmoosdijk » Di 18. Feb 2020, 20:19

We have esta pro control pc at our club. When we print from this control pc the print is in german. Is it possible to set it to english printing? And the date on the print is wrong. Is it possible to change this date?

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Re: Date and language of esta pro

Beitrag von HPWester » Sa 28. Mär 2020, 08:53

If you connect a keyboard maybe, you can access the BIOS setup and change the date and time there. You can change the language by connecting the control pc to a network with another PC. Open the web browser on the other pc and type in the IP address of the control pc. A configuration menu will open, where you can change the settings of the control pc. This only works if the other pc is in the same IP area as the control pc (for example with netmask