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Verfasst: Di 21. Aug 2018, 03:43
von sewoongBAE
Hello , MEYTON ?

10m Air Rifle Mixed Team

10m Air Pistol Mixed Team

When will the downloadable version be available?

Best regards

Re: Mixed

Verfasst: Mi 22. Aug 2018, 17:02
von Zielwasser
Hello sewoongBAE,

Meyton employee Sascha A. Köhne wrote on the 18th July,
that there is a version (for BETA Customers I guess) which is not tested well enough yet to be called stable.

I guess that a final release date does not exist by know, but since the last information is already more than a month old,
I personally expect it within the next weeks.

Best regards

Re: Mixed

Verfasst: Fr 24. Aug 2018, 21:38
von [MEYTON CM] Mario

currently the last tests are made so that the software is then put online aich is error-free. But what should already be clear that it is no longer possible with the operating system of OpenSuse 13.1! OpenSUSE 42.2 or Linux version 15 is required here.

Best regards