[in Work] Shot Database records mis-filed

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[in Work] Shot Database records mis-filed

Beitrag von ghabiby » So 4. Feb 2018, 11:57

We have set up our system with a number of startlists and their associated results lists. We have found in some cases that the record of the sighter and match-card series has been mis-filed as a series within another record which commenced on 27 11 17 and is still running on the same target frame in our network.
This record has a different shooter's name and is defined as Ohne Klasse. It currently has over 160 shots in S1 and more in C1. These have been built up at various times by different people.
In between these cumulative records, we have used the same target frame to successfully shoot and file various other shot series, saved in their correct results list - even on the same night and just prior to or just after the mis-filed data.

We are able to trace the data using the identifier printed at the bottom right of the results sheet.

We have other similar combined records on the other target frames.

So we seem to have three options:
1. This is simply an operator error and the correct startlist was not selected when the firing point was assigned to the shooter
2. There is either a bug in our version of the software (I'll need to check the version number, sorry don't have it here)
3. There is something we are failing to do which sometimes causes the mis-file.

In case 1., we know that we do have a simple written procedure for assigning the detail to the right person on the right startlist and we know that, for example on the 29/1/18 the person operating the system was fully trained. I personally shot a series set up by him and find it difficult to believe that I did not notice the wrong name and classification on my ESTA5 screen and he (as well as several others watching) did not notice that the wrong name and classification were shown on the main workstation display.

NB - the target was printed on completion of the detail, with the correct data (name, startlist, team) and of course the target ID which we used to find the series in the database.

It is of course possible that we all got it wrong - we're not infallible. If so, it has happened on a number of occasions, to different people on different target frames and different days.

If we are getting this wrong, how does this explain this 2 month long, cumulative record being stored in the database?

In case 2, I'm sure that if this is a bug, there would already be a fix implemented as it would be a fairly major issue. Or, in case 3, there is some fundamental step we are not including in our process which causes this error.

Any thoughts anyone? I'm happy to be told I'm doing it wrong - we just need to find a way to be sure this doesn't happen any more.

The next important question is: can we move (at this much later date) these data series to a different results list?

Thanks in advance, Gad

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Re: Shot Database records mis-filed

Beitrag von [MEYTON CM] Mario » Do 8. Feb 2018, 16:55


As I read out, you are working with ESTA5 measuring frames. Right, please check again which version you have Shootmaster.

Important for a smooth operation with the Meyton system is the following:

Start the server (computer), enter the password and wait 1-2 minutes until everything starts.
Afterwards, the measuring frames can be switched on (have to be powerless before!) And switch on the tablets at ESTA5.
(For stand-up computer (must be powerless before!): Can now be turned on)

When the system has finished booting up, it is now ready for operation.

For operation via the LANA stand allocation, all names, disciplines, etc. must first be set in the price shooting.

Now the stand can be occupied via LANA.

In the evaluation of your desired lists should be created / be.

Be so good and please try this procedure and then give a feedback in how far still problems exist.

For info: This text I wrote about a translator, and I hope that I could help you.

Best regards

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Re: [in Work] Shot Database records mis-filed

Beitrag von ghabiby » Fr 9. Feb 2018, 00:20

Thanks Mario. We will try this. Regards, Gad