Draw target

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Draw target

Beitrag von sewoongBAE » Mo 24. Jul 2017, 04:30


We display the "Draw Target" on the screen to spectators during the tournament.

It can be recognized as a good function at a glance.

This is my personal opinion, but there is something I'm sorry about.

The function of "draw target" is to show only the Hits and the score.

It is regrettable that there is no "ranking change" of the players.

If the ranking change function is added, the crowd will think like this. It will be evaluated as an innovative function. It may be my own idea, of course.

I'm sorry to talk about other brands of electronic targets, but the functionality of other brands' electronic targets has shown this ranking feature to the crowd during the competition.

This is a useful feature when running a real tournament.

Is it impossible for MEYTON to develop such a function as well?

I want to upload a JPG file to convey the exact situation. Tag files are difficult to upload. By email
Can not you solve the method? To whom Can I send an email?

I feel sorry for asking too many questions and requirements.

However, I think a minority of opinion like me might be a good opportunity to someday develop MEYTON.

I hope you receive my opinion positively.

Korea is a difficult environment, but I am leading the promotion of MEYTON. This is because there is a big possibility for Korean customers.

thank you....

[MEYTON CM] kathe
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Re: Draw target

Beitrag von [MEYTON CM] kathe » Mo 24. Jul 2017, 22:36

Hello Mr. Bae,

there are different modes of presentation already available on display controller and display manager.

Description for displaycontroller:
To change the presentation please open the network view in the main controll center.
Navigate to display controller and select the desired device.

Presss Change device settings will open a browser with the IP adress of the displaycontroller.

Her you can change the presentation mode.

● cpcView
grafical original display of the controller pc's
● DrawTarget
grafical display in a different format. Usefull for final and liga shootings
● Liga
display in text format for Ligashootings
● Finale
display in text format for the final
● HtmlView
HTML Final Result display

Please try out the different display modes.

In case you have further questions don't hesitate to ask.


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Re: Draw target

Beitrag von sewoongBAE » Mi 2. Aug 2017, 07:25

Please let us know exactly how to use the functions of "Finale" and "HtmlView" in the issf contest.


Re: Draw target

Beitrag von [MEYTON] FAL » Mi 2. Aug 2017, 10:36

Hi sewoong,

the manual for ESTA-Show is currently in beta-testing. It will be translated to english as soon as we get it back.

In the meantime: just play a bit with the settings. You should be able to figure it out :lol:

To use HTML-Viel just activate the automated ranklist export to html, select the proper folder in /var/shootmaster/ERGEBNIS/ and configure HTML-View accordingly.

To use Finale just shoot a ISSF final and select and configure the ISSF-Finale display programme.

Best regards

Metyon Support