Training Targets SM5 English

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Training Targets SM5 English

Beitrag von sameta » Do 7. Jul 2022, 09:15

Hi, it appears that the training and fun targets are not available in English SM5. Maybe an oversight, and hopefully fixed in first patch...

I have found a work around.

In SM5:
Backup your database first!!
Change Language in SM to German
Restore db to original state (This will make the training and many other foreign disciplines available)
Find the LP (Air Pistol) & LG (Air Rifle) Balken, Dart & Blank disciplines
Export them to a folder as bin files
Change language back to English
Restore your database from backup
Import the exported disciplines
Rename them - maybe AP Train <bar dimensions> and AR Train <bar dimensions>

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Re: Training Targets SM5 English

Beitrag von SK_Izola » Sa 23. Jul 2022, 11:19

Thanks for your post. I'm looking for those targets in the 5.0 version. In the presentation of the new version the top news, but after install?????

Hope they wil look into it and fix it for the english version.

Thanks again.

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Re: Training Targets SM5 English

Beitrag von [MEYTON] RG » Mo 25. Jul 2022, 17:48

The problem with the missing fun and training targets in the english version will be fixed in the ShootMaster Version 5.1.0. We are sorry, that this problem was not detected before. You can install the software with german language and switch to english later on in the Meyton Control center. Then you can also use the new targets.