Setting up shooting contests

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Setting up shooting contests

Beitrag von Magler » Fr 5. Apr 2019, 16:34

Hi, we have set up shooting contests that we have used through the winter for air rifle and air pistol. These have worked well and we are pleased with them. We have now set up shooting contests using the NSRA 25yd target. Having followed the instructions and virtually copied how we set up the competitions for the Air range. However although it is showing that the competitions have been created and targets allocated when we try to allocate shooters to firing points they are not accepted onto the firing points or it states they have no targets left to shoot. I have re booted the system, made sure all competition targets are saved to the hard drive of the firing point pc's etc. I have gone through it stage by stage checking we have done the same as for air rifle/pistol competitions (which I must add are still working fine) but still when we try and allocate the shooter to the firing point it states there are no targets for them to shoot. I am at a loss as to where I go from here.

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Re: Setting up shooting contests

Beitrag von [MEYTON CM] Mario » Do 15. Aug 2019, 11:57

Hello Pauline,

Do you work with the price shooting program?
Have all diszilpiles been active and assigned to the starters?

Are all stands correctly set to the distance?
Can you possibly take a screenshot?

Best regards